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  • The Car that started it all
    This very 2002turbo was the first BMW we fell in love with. We bought it in 1979, restored it, and a year later RACING DYNAMICS was born.
  • Born on the Track
    The Racing Dynamics M3 as it challenges the Karussell at the Nürburgring. RACING DYNAMICS successfully campaigned E30 M3s in both the DTM and the Langstrecke Pokal.
  • The K35 Sedan
    262 HP from a revorked M30 motor with hemispherical combustion chambers, this car established Racing Dynamics as a contender in the BMW Tuner market.
  • Timeless elegance.
    The RACING DYNAMICS K55 Sport Coupé is a 401HP derivative of BMW's 850i.
  • The M3 BMW should have built
    The RACING DYNAMICS RS46 packs an an astonishing 527 HP from a naturally-aspirated 4.6 liter version of the S65 motor.
  • The RS35 Biturbo:
    424HP give you the performance needed to stay ahead of the pack, and the RACING DYNAMICS AeroKit sets you apart from the crowd.
  • The K27 Coupé.
    This exact model is Racing Dynamics' original K27 and it still hold its own, after almost 30 years, around the Monza Circuit. The K27 was RACING DYNAMICS' most successful 2 valve motor and is still popular amongst E30 owners looking to rebuild their engines with a relaible and proven solution.
  • The K35 Limousine
    The worldwide premiere of RACING DYNAMICS came at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show where we introduced the R35 Limousine based on the E32 chassis 7 Series. The car featured Racing Dynamics' iconic Hollow Spoke Magnesium wheels.
  • The 1990 K25.4 Touring
    When BMW introduced its first 4 valve M50 motor, RACING DYNAMICS added the .4 designation to its motors to distinguish them from their 2 valve predecessors. The first K25.4 was a 2,5 liter derivative of the 520i motor, delivering a hefty 246HP and an equally impressive torque. This motor was mainly for the domestic Italian market and, given the popularity of station wagons, it found its way on many 5 Series Touring.
  • The 262HP K35 Sedan
    Presented at the 1988 Frankfurt Motor Show, the K35 Sedan became one of RACING DYNAMICS' most iconic models. Because of its astonishing torque, the K35 Sedan held its own against BMW's 315HP M5.
  • The 1985 K35 Coupé
    based on the US 635CSi, its RACING DYNAMICS motor featured hemisperical combustion chambers and a peak output of over 280HP.
  • The K55 Motor
    The first RACING DYNAMICS V12 motor packed quite a punch, and at 401HP it was the top performer in the 7 and 8 series lineup. A more powerful variant with 427 HP later found its way in the "K55 Hurricane", our world-famous V12 powered 3 series Compact.
  • The RS20.4 Motor
    In 1989 RACING DYNAMICS set out to develop an F3 motor based on the M42 of the 318is. Most of the development was then transferred the the R20.4R race motor that was campaigned in the British, Italian, and Japanes Touring Car Championships between 1991 and 1994.
  • We don't just talk Technology, we apply it.
    RACING DYNAMICS has always strived for perfection. As with most of our AeroKits, form needs to follow function: here is the E46 AeroKit being tested in the wind tunnel at Fondmetal Technologies in Cento, Italy.
  • Racing Dynamics Sports:
    in 1992 Racing Dynamics entered two 318i in the Italian SuperTouring Championship. The 3rd floor of the Racing Dynamics building was turned into the race shop and became known as "The Scuderia".
  • The RS2 Forged Wheel
    Back in 1980, mesh wheels were the standard on BMW. We designed the first rounded 5-Spoke that changed the world-order as we knew it. 35 years later, the RS2-F is the latest iteration of our classic design and is still the most exclusive wheel you can fit on you BMW
  • A stroll down memory lane
    35 years after our legendary 2002turbo, the 1 M delivers the same driving emotion we felt back in 1979
  • The RS55 Biturbo Sport Activity Coupé
  • The RS55 Biturbo Sport Activity Saloon
  • Track-tested to dominate the Autobahn
    The Sachskurve at the Hockenheimring puts the Racing Dynamics K38.4 to the test. The 3,8 liter motor was released 2 years ahead of BMW's own 3,8 variant, and held a performance edge over both models. In 1991 it won the title of fastest production sedan in the German magazine Sport Auto.
  • The V-10 RS58
    With BMW going to forced induction on all new M Cars, many feel that the V-10 M5 is the last M5 wothy of that badge. The RACING DYNAMICS RS58 is one of our most populare engines ever built, pushing more than 650HP from a 5,8 liter derivative of the S85 motor, and is still the top choice for BMW owners that need to refresh their motor and want something more performing than the original M5.
  • The RS58 Sedan
  • New Technologies
    Today, all RACING DYNAMICS AeroKits are developed by CAD. It all starts with the scanning of the vehicle surfaces which is performed in house using the latest technologies available.
  • The R35 SAV based on the E83 X3
    RACING DYNAMICS has always been very meticulous about its suspension setup and the X3 was no exception. The Chassis Kit for the X3 was developed after extensive development on the road and the finishing touches were made at the Contidrom in Wietze-Jeversen, Germany.
  • The awesome R50 Limousine:
    A worthy performance rival to the Alpina B7, the RACING DYNAMICS R50 Limousine was built in both SWB and LWB variants.
  • The K21.4
    Built in over 160 units, the K21.4 was one of the most popular Racing Dynmamics motors ever to be built. The street version was a derivative of the 2 liter motor used in the Formula 3 program and later adapted to the British Touring Car Championship series.
  • The RS36 based on the E46 M3:
    Peaking at 388HP, the RS36 is the most powerful, naturally aspirated, street-legal motor option for the S52/S54 engine family.
  • The Digital Future:
    At RACING DYNAMICS we always strive to ebmrace the latest technologies. All new AeroKits are developed using CAD software after scanning the surfaces of the original body panels. This ensures 100% accurate fit as well as perfect simmetry in the design.
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